Driver error causes most fatalities

This article was originally published in the Wise County Messenger on Nov 26, 2014.

If you need another reason to drive safely this holiday season, here’s some information for you. Data recently obtained by the Messenger from the Texas Department of Transportation reveals that since 2010, more than half of the traffic fatalities in Wise County have been the result of driver errors, such as following another car too closely, ignoring traffic signs or distracted driving.

There have been 61 fatal accidents, killing 70 people, since 2010, and 31 of those listed driver error as the cause. The second most-prevalent cause of death on Wise County roads was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol with 19, followed closely by speed-related accidents at 17. Driver fatigue was listed as the cause of eight fatal accidents, although there was some overlap between all the categories. The map featured with this article shows the locations of all the fatal accidents in the county from 2010 until 2014.



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