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Hi! I’m Jake. I’m a military brat who’s lived all over the place with a desire to tell the stories that other people can’t or won’t. I started off writing opinion pieces for my college newspaper at Texas Christian University and eventually worked my way up to Executive Editor. My work has appeared in the Austin American-StatesmanVictoria Advocate, Bedlam Magazine, Wide Open Country, the Wise County Messenger, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, USA TODAY, TCU 360 and The Rhea-Herald-News.

Now I’m a digital journalist at WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas, TX. Whether I’m live-tweeting city meetings, writing up police affidavits, joining a collaborative edit on Google Drive or posting live breaking news from my phone, I can be trusted to try any kind of new storytelling technology that comes along.

Writing and finding out new information is my passion, and I love the feeling of working on a breaking news story. More than that, I love writing feature pieces, movie reviews and pieces on religion and country music. Tell me your story. You can follow me on Twitter @jakeharris4 or send me an invite to connect on LinkedIn.

This site is more of a personal venture and is not indicative of the views of any of the above entities. If you’re looking for my published work, please follow the links above.


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