Audio recording shows no formal vote on SuperFrog statue, Folan says vote occurred

This article was originally published at TCU 360 on Oct. 30, 2012. Photo taken by me.

Full audio from the April 9 SGA Cabinet meeting can be found here.

During the April 9 meeting, in which Student Body President Brent Folan claimed Cabinet voted on the bronze SuperFrog, no officer called for a vote, no one voiced opposition to the proposal and everyone who discussed it seemed to favor it, according to an audio recording Folan sent.

Folan released the minutes to TCU 360 on Tuesday afternoon. Chancellor Boschini wrote in an email to TCU 360 on Tuesday morning that he asked Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull to communicate with the SGA advisers to make meeting minutes public.

“Cabinet unanimously approved the project on April 9,” Folan said on Oct. 24. However, no audible vote is present in the recording. The meeting’s audio can be heard in its entirety can be found here.

In the 43-minute audio recording, voices discuss potential sculptors, design and one voice asks if the House should be contacted for feedback. However, no formal vote on the project can be heard on the recording.

Evidence of Vote (PDF)

Folan said the vote took place at the 3:43 mark in the audio recording above. In the original audio given to TCU 360 by Folan as it is in the SoundCloud link above, the audio from the meeting skips at that mark. As of Wednesday morning, Folan has not returned phone calls regarding the audio skipping.

In response to Folan’s impeachment proceedings, he provided three emails from Cabinet members — Maggie Brust, David Belpedio and Evan Folan — who said they indeed voted on the statue on April 9. Justin Paxton wrote in an email that he was not present at the meeting but that Brust kept him “up to date” and he decided to “vote yes to push through funding for the SuperFrog statue.” The emails can be seen below.

The Student Body Code, Title 6, Chapter 6, section 603 (Unbudgeted Funds) states: “All requests for unbudgeted funds shall be approved by the Cabinet or the House of Student representatives as a whole.”

The money used to pay for the SuperFrog statue was not budgeted, according to AddRan College of Liberal Arts House representative Michael Dabbs.

The statue was unveiled prior to Homecoming. Folan can be heard introducing sketches from different artists who were being considered to design the statue.

During the meeting Simpson said that he asked if the SuperFrog mascot design would change in the future and if the project would be brought to the House of Representatives.

“House is the life stream of SGA. They would want to know about the project,” Simpson said.

Jordan Rubio contributed to this report.

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