$5 Bin Film School: All the films I should have seen, but never have

This post is the start of a new project for me.

I’m trying to watch through the nearly 200 unwatched movies I have stacked around my apartment.

I know, I know. I could save a ton of space by just keeping the digital download cards from those films, and physical media has been dying for a long time. And I am firmly aware that I have a problem with buying movies. (As I’ve said before, some men do drugs. Others waste their money on drink. I buy movies. But hey, as the title suggests, most of these were bought in the $5 bin or bought for cheap at Half-Price Books. Anything to rationalize it to myself, right?)

So, in an effort to cull down my collection, I will be watching all of those movies and writing reviews of them here. Some write-ups will be long, and some will be more deep-dives on the directors and stars who made the film. There’s a variety of films I’m going to watch- I’ve got comedies, noir, spoofs, action films, foreign films, horror, documentaries… I’m just trying to read and write more here. At the end of each review, I’ll decide if I want to keep it or leave it, and I’ll get rid of the movie.

First up: A unit on Stanley Kubrick. I watched “Dr. Strangelove” last week, and am working on watching “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “A Clockwork Orange” in the coming few days. Expect my thoughts here pretty soon.


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